A Man Once Asked His Father…

A man once asked his father
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A man one asked his father, “Father, how will I ever find the right woman?”
His father replied, “Forget finding the right woman, focus on being the right man.”

Many people don’t want to grow old alone. Many want to settle down, start a family, have kids, and grow old with the person they love. Unfortunately, the search for Mr. Right or Miss Right is a tough one.

According to a study in the UK, the “average” woman will have two long term relationships and two heartbreaks before she meets Mr. Right. She will suffer four disaster dates, be stood up once, and have four one night stands. The average man, on the other hand, will have two of his six relationships last more than a year. He will met three people online, have three blind dates, and have 10 sexual partners in his lifetime. All these emotions are a crazy rollercoaster ride that people go through before finally finding their Mr. Right or Miss Right.

However, you can make it just a bit easier by being the best person that you can be. Exuding confidence attracts the right person for you. Don’t try too hard though or you will attract the wrong person. Focus on enriching your own life. Concentrate on improving yourself – intellectually, emotionally and in your career. Follow your passion. Go enroll in that culinary class you’ve always wanted to go to and who knows, you may find “The One” cooking your favorite dish right next to you. 😉

Live your life the best way you can and when the right time comes, Mr. Right or Miss Right will come along to put an end to your quest.

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