By Cleansing Your Body On A Regular Basis And Eliminating As Many Toxins As Possible

By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating as many toxins as possible
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“By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating as many toxins as possible from your environment, your body can begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become more stronger and resilient that you have dreamed possible!”Dr. Edward Group III

This quote highlights the importance of taking care of our bodies and the environment in order to achieve optimal health and wellness.

One important aspect of eliminating toxins from our environment is understanding the concept of bioaccumulation. Bioaccumulation refers to the buildup of toxins in living organisms, such as animals and humans, as a result of exposure to contaminated air, water, and food. Some toxins can accumulate in the body over time and can have harmful effects on our health.

Examples of toxins that can accumulate in our bodies include heavy metals, pesticides, and persistent organic pollutants (POPs). These toxins can have a wide range of negative effects on our health, including cancer, neurological damage, and reproductive problems.

To avoid bioaccumulation, it’s important to be mindful of the toxins in our environment and to make conscious choices to reduce our exposure to them. This can include choosing organic produce, using natural cleaning products, and avoiding products that contain harmful chemicals. Additionally, regular detoxification can help to eliminate toxins that have accumulated in our bodies, so that our body can start to heal itself and prevent disease.

Edward F. Group is a known American chiropractor, naturopathic physician and author who founded the Global Healing Center in 1998. He has written numerous books and articles about natural healing methods, the focus of his study for over 20 years, and developed over 40 proprietary inventions and formulations.

Dr. Group takes on the mission of teaching and promoting philosophies that produce overall good health through clean environment, healthy “real food”, and positive thinking. Importantly, he exposes hidden truths of the medical industry, condemning their emphasis on treating symptoms of disease as opposed to addressing the underlying cause of the condition. He believes that the medical industry should focus more intently on prevention than cure – a view that is now representative of the “natural health community”.

He states that the prime reason of today’s numerous illnesses is the accumulation of toxins in the body. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center promotes body detoxification to achieve maximum health and vitality. Walking the talk, he also helped develop Earth Harmony Organics Farm, an outgrowth of Global Healing Center, and acted as its master herbalist. The farm combines earth based agriculture with contemporary and advanced growing techniques to produce the finest quality biodynamic, organic medicinal herbs.

It’s been reported that most people absorb thousands of health depleting toxins right in their very homes. This condition has actually been exacerbated with the rise of “sealed” houses; energy-efficient homes have been draught-proofed to such an extent that toxins off-gassed from consumer products now build up to levels that are regarded by many as hazardous. Indeed the EPA has stated that indoor air quality is one of the top 5 public health hazards of the modern age!

Without habitual full body cleansing, the likelihood of acquiring degenerative health conditions is now thought to multiply over time, because the body has lost its internal self-healing mechanism. Dr. Group maintains that people are virtually surrounded with toxins, which is also considers includes negative or “toxic” thoughts. He hopes that people will someday realize that their “convenient” lifestyle could be the very thing that’s killing them.

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