Advice From A Tree

Advice From A Tree
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Advice From A Tree
-Stand Tall And Proud
-Go Out On A Limb
-Remember Your Roots
-Drink Plenty of Water
-Be Content With Your Natural Beauty
-Enjoy the View
~Ilan Shamir

Trees are perennial plants with elongated trunk, branches, and leaves. A tree is made up mainly of six elements: sulfur, phosphorous, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. There are more than 23,000 species of trees all over the world and trees have existed for 370 million years already.

Trees also live long. An oak tree can live 500 years or even more, while giant sequoia trees can live to over 2,500 years. Unfortunately, trees in city conditions do not live as long as they’re supposed to unless they’re in their natural wooded setting. The average lifespan of city trees, sadly, is only 13 years or less.

These big plants play an important part in regulating climate. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store these in their tissues. A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year. It also gives off oxygen and one tree can supply a day’s worth of oxygen to four people.

Trees also keep the soil healthy and reduce soil erosion. These create a suitable soil climate for the organisms to grow. Trees provide shelter and shade for various animals. For man, trees can offer fuel, timber, fruit, and shelter. There are over 5,000 various products that come from trees.

The shrinking number of forests, trees, and global warming are raising the concerns of many people for the environment. Many trees have been cut to make way for agriculture or for residential areas. Others have been illegally clear cut.

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