Do Not Immediately Believe A Person’s Words

Actions are more important than words
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“Do not immediately believe a person’s words. Look at his actions. Actions are more important than words.”

Ever heard of the polygraph test? It is also known as the lie detector test. Although, the polygraph test is not 100% reliable, it has been used in law enforcement interrogations some decades ago. The concept of the polygraph test is that the body responds differently to what a person may say. For instance, the increase in blood pressure and heart rate can be associated to telling a lie. In other words, body language is saying an entirely different thing to what the person is simply saying.

Similarly, it’s easy to believe people with a flattering tongue. Who can resist all those sweet, sugary words? But, do their actions say the same thing? Does their body language reflect their words? If you find it difficult to believe someone maybe it’s because their body language is saying something else.

You’ll be quite surprised (or maybe not) to find out that what they have been doing all along is contrary to what they have been saying. Perhaps you have that friend who had been your major advisor when it comes to keeping your marriage together only to find out later that they had been recently divorced because they have been caught red-handed cheating on their spouse. Now, would you take their advice?

Then, of course, there those people whom you know you can trust. They don’t have to say anything. Their actions speak it all. A hardworking friend who have come a long way but doesn’t say a thing about his success. These are the kind of people who also believe that actions tell way more than any word can say.

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