I Really Regret Eating Healthy Today

I Really Regret Eating Healthy Today
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We all have cravings that whisper sneakily to our ears whenever we get dumped or when we watch a cleverly devised food commercial. We’ve all read about how junk food and other comfort food can rob us of a long quality existence yet the short term goal of self-indulgence cries louder than the flailing determination of having a fit and healthy body. And that is why we need constant reminders.

You want productivity? Gas up your brain with nutrient-packed food into your diet. A study found that eating unhealthy food puts you at a 66% increased risk of productivity loss. And when you’re productive, you’ll have fewer reasons to be unhappy. But you’ll be happier anyway by consuming dopamine-rich food like bananas. And don’t forget that polyphenol-rich dark chocolate that gives a natural mood boost!

Stressed out? Why reach for a bag of potato chips when you can have a healthier option? Eat food packed with vitamin C, omega-3, and magnesium instead to help reduce those gnarly stress hormones. And if you’re stressed out because of financial problems, the more reasons you have to replace soda with water. The average household spends about $850/year on soft drinks! You’re paying that much money for something that destroys you.

Giving up bad habits has never been easy but if you want to have something different in your life, something you would be proud of, it’s worth the discipline. As the quote says, you’ll never regret it.

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