Move Past The Fear

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“I think when you move past your fear and you go after our dreams wholeheartedly, you become free. Know what I’m saying? Move past the fear.” – James Todd Smith

James Todd Smith (1968 – present) is more commonly known as “LL Cool”, short for “Ladies Love Cool J”. He is known as one of the first hip-hop artists with his hit single “I Need a Beat”. He was also starred in some Hollywood films and TV shows after he established his career as a rapper. In 1998, he released his autobiography entitled “I Make My Own Rules”—the first of his 4 books. He is outspoken about his political views and used his influence to advocate against illegal file sharing.

This quote by LL Cool J was included in the book “A Gift of Days: The Greatest Words to Live By” by Stephen Alcorn in 2009. LL Cool J is seen as one of the most inspiring artist for the younger generation, because of his motivational quotes that came from his own success story. He also encourages physical wellness through his 2006 fitness book, “LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout: Sculpt Your Best Body Ever with Hollywood’s Fittest Star”.

Buddhism has distinguished two types of fear: fear of the inevitable and fear of the evitable. It maintains that not all fears are unhealthy; some are in fact necessary. The fear or the inevitable, for example, does not in any way improve the situation; however, the fear of the evitable urges a person to act. According to psychologists, it is important to recognize fears and use them constructively as a way to improve one’s life.

As the Japanese Proverb goes, “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”

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As it turns out, tinnitus and brain health are strongly linked.

Even more interesting: The reason why top army officials are not deaf after decades of hearing machine guns, bombs going off and helicopter noises…

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