Pay Close Attention To People Who Don’t Clap When You Win

Pay close attention to people who don't clap when you win
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“Pay close attention to people who don’t clap when you win.”

There will always be people with fragile self-esteem who secretly want to be better than you. And when success knocks on your doorstep, they turn into little green monsters. They could be anyone you know; they could be friends, family members, relatives, co-workers, employers, or even your spouse.

Envious people are categorized into two: the harmless and the potentially harmful. Ignore the sarcastic jabs of envious but harmless people in your life. They are those who can do nothing else but wish they were you. Ignore their passive-aggressive provocations until they get tired and eventually get over it. After all, some people just can’t help it! It’s a primal human instinct.

On the contrary, the potential harmful people have the ability to act on their envy by sabotaging your success. Researchers found that envy can trigger deceptive behaviour and influence ethical decision making. So if you’re negotiating with someone whom you believe envies you, it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

Initiate a conversation with them if possible, according to psychologists. Being pro-social can eliminate their destructive emotions and create feelings of camaraderie instead of competition. However, if this doesn’t smother the flame, it might be best to consider eliminating those people in your life or asking the help of someone with higher authority or influence.

Success is sweeter without being envied, but don’t let it ruin your emotional well being. A big part of being happily successful is knowing how to deal with envious people.

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