The Bad News

The bad news
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The Bad News: Nothing lasts forever.
The Good News: Nothing lasts forever.

In Zachary Mason’s book, “The Lost Books of the Odyssey,” there was a story about a king who summons his wise warriors, namely Odysseus, Palamedes, and Nestor, and orders them to find the single sentence that contains the sum total of wisdom. They spend years looking for the answer until they finally returned to the king and spoke the words: “And this, too, shall pass.”

A similar story goes that a king asked his soldier to find him the ring which has the inscription that will make the happiest man sad and the saddest man happy. I bet you already know what was inscribed in the ring.

Such short sentence contains the truth that humans tend to forget. We feel invincible in times of our triumph while we feel downtrodden in times of tragedy, as if nothing else could ever happen. Some of the lucky ones become arrogant and proud, while some of the less fortunate resort to drugs, depression, and suicide. If they only knew that nothing lasts forever!

Jennifer Kunst Ph.D. wrote a moving piece on Psychology Today entitled “Treasure Today (Because Nothing Lasts Forever).” She emphasized the fact that accepting this wisdom is vital to one’s psychological well-being. Through cherishing every moment, we get to live life in the fullest. When we live life in the fullest, there can be no regrets. And even there were few bad decisions along the way, knowing that “this too shall pass” would enable us to move on.

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