The Choice To Have A Great Attitude

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“The choice to have a great attitude is something that nobody or no circumstance can take from you.”Zig Ziglar

When we meet someone with a great attitude, we can’t help but feel attracted to their energy yet we feel envious at the same time. These people have a greater chance of living a happier and more successful life. Fortunately, a great attitude can be imbedded in us. All it takes is our commitment to living a more positive life!

According to positive psychology, the way we talk to ourselves affect our perceptions. It’s not about ignoring the bad stuff; it’s about how we string the words in our head. This positive science found that self-talk or the stream of thoughts in our mind can either shed a positive a light or draw darkness to an event or circumstance. Just like how we manipulate a story, we can also alter reality with misconceptions.

Optimism takes practice and the most difficult part is modifying how we self-talk. Psychologists say the human brain tends to magnify the negative aspects of a situation while filtering out all of the positive ones. One other easy mistake is personalizing the bad stuff and blaming ourselves for it. Next comes our tendency to think of the worst and then seeing things only as either good or bad.

Positive self-talk begins with using logic and reason. To think clearly, we need to be aware of the misconceptions and lies we tell ourselves unconsciously. We need to take things as they are and break the habit of seeing things in a skewed way.

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