There’s A Difference Between Somebody Who Wants You And Somebody Who Would Do Anything To Keep You

There's A Difference Between Somebody Who Wants You
graphic © photo – Pixabay

“There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you. Remember that.”

This post reminds us subtly of the difference between being swept up in momentary desire and being consistent for a longer period of time. Not to say that there is anything wrong with being swept up in the moment, but to recognize the difference between the two and act accordingly. Someone who shows consistency and a willingness to stay loyal over a longer period can be regarded more as a ‘keeper’.

A person can also “put on an act” in the short term in order to get what they want – but their actions over a longer period of time will usually flush out their true intentions. This is why trust in general takes a long time to build and that trust should be given cautiously, especially if someone has not been around for very long.

The post also hints at willingness to be flexible and to grow. Someone who is very keen to keep someone will be more willing to make changes (perhaps of a bad habit) and to make the absolute best of themselves in order to ‘keep you keen’. It’s certainly a desirable trait if someone really would go the extra mile for you and one that is not so common nowadays, given that we are in the era of ‘disposability’ – where we are unfortunately too accustomed to the habits of discarding things and people, sometimes with a couple of clicks. It’s far too convenient to “next” someone nowadays without any regard for the consequences and I think its unfortunate that there is less accountability in relationships.

The great challenge here is that someone who is extremely attractive “can often get away with too much”. It would be a big mistake to be willing to “do anything” for someone who is not actually doing anything for you, merely on account of their looks. We often find that people with the best looks are given far too much of a free pass in general.