We Are Here To Heal

We are here to heal
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“We are here to heal, not harm.
We are here to love, not hate.
We are here to create, not destroy.”

– A.D. Williams

Anthony Douglas Williams is the Canadian author of the book “Inside the Divine Pattern,” which speaks about ancient spiritual knowledge and new scientific research on spiritual mysteries. Prior to writing the book, he worked in the mainstream film industry but quit after getting fed up by the accepted trend of intensified violence in film. He opted to start his own distribution company instead in the 1990s. His company focused on distributing family films.

One of the themes in his book is empathy, the ability to feel with another person. Putting yourself in someone’s shoes is a cognitive ability to relate with other people by imagining future scenarios or to solve problems based on one’s experience. It’s also a psychic and emotional connection with another person, according to Dr. Steve Taylor in his article “Empathy: The Ability that Makes us Truly Human.” He adds that having empathy is like entering into other people’s mind-space and experience real compassion, in a sense that you become one in identity.

Neuroscientists attribute the enlargement of birds’ and mammals’ brains to what they call computational requirements, which are mental tasks involve in child rearing and pair bonding, activities that require empathy. For this reason, monogamous species usually have the largest brain in proportion to bodyweight.

Our ability to empathize is one of our most defining features that separate us from other animals. A new University of Virginia study found that humans are hardwire for empathy and friendship, and a recent psychology breakthrough reveals narcissists are capable of empathy.

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