You Are Already A Masterpiece

You Are Already A Masterpiece
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“You are already a Masterpiece.” – Osho

The human brain is the most mysterious part of the body. Science has quite figured it out anatomically but the way the mind works and the things it can do is still a mystery scientists have yet to unveil.

Researchers like Zoran Josipovic and Richard J. Davison have discovered that years of mindfulness practices not only optimize brain performance but also change its wiring. On separate research studies on Tibetan Buddhist monks, they found that years of meditative practice can create structural changes in the brain. Naturally, neuroplasticity decreases with age but their findings suggest that years of meditation can reverse the mental effects of aging.

As mentioned in the previous articles, evolution has wired the human brain to be more perceptive to threats (or negativity), originally for the sake of survival. On default mode, the human brain tends to ruminate more on harsh criticisms than praises. However, due to increased neuroplasticity, 66-year-old French monk Matthieu Ricard was found to have “unusually large propensity for happiness and reduced tendency toward negativity.” To top it off, his brain also produced significant amount of gamma waves never before reported in the neuroscience literature. Known as the fastest brainwave frequency with the smallest amplitude, gamma waves are reported to cause extremely high levels of cognitive functioning. People with high gamma waves frequency are also naturally happier and calmer.

Neuroscientists believe that humans have not quite reached their ultimate capacity. In the words of Buddha: “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

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