You Should Either Do It Or Stop Talking About It

You should either do it or stop talking about it
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“You should either do it or stop talking about it.”

Talking about our dreams and aspirations may be the first step towards realizing it, but it could also be last. As famous cartoonist and businessman Walt Disney put it: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

In November 2011, Shaa Wasmund and contributor Richard Newton published a book entitled “Stop Doing. Start Talking.” The book offers valuable insights and reasons why now is the perfect time to do what one has always dreamed of doing. The first reason is because one simply can. With the rise of the internet, getting information has never been so easy that it would be foolish not make use of it. Secondly, society has opened its mind to the unconventional. From working at home to working while moving around countries, people have more opportunities to get away from the office setting. Thirdly, the feeling of emptiness should not be around forever, so why not try something new? And lastly, every life has an expiration date. Death waits for no one but we can certainly make most of our time on Earth.

In his article “Running Out of Time: Things Worth Doing”, Dr. Fredric Neuman, M.D. talks about spending one’s time wisely by doing things that are pleasurable and useful at the same time. Instead of focusing one’s energy on making money to acquire wealth, he argues that it may even rob us of what’s important in life: relationships and overall wellbeing. People may have different interests but having a good time is what’s important, he concludes.

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Even more interesting: The reason why top army officials are not deaf after decades of hearing machine guns, bombs going off and helicopter noises…

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