Your Imagination Should Be Used

Your imagination should be used
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“Your imagination should be used not to escape reality but to create it.” – Colin Wilson

Colin Henry Wilson (1931 – 2013) was a prolific British writer known for his hugely successful book, “The Outsider.” He is most famously considered as a new existentialist philosopher, but he also wrote widely on the genres of true crime, mysticism, and paranormal.

His 1956 book “The Outsider” was published when he was only 24 years old. Inspired by his own experience as an outsider, it examines the social standings of some of the brilliant minds in history, namely Albert Camus, Vincent Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway, and others. He gained a huge following that transformed him into an instant celebrity. Up to this date, “The Outsider” is still on publication.

Before his dream of being a writer became a reality, he had done a series of menial jobs. He never stayed long in a particular occupation and even feigned homosexuality in order to be subjected for dismissal. His intolerance with social conformity was primarily due to his active imagination that had no place in a typical work setting. His reputation as a writer became prominent as more books came after the success of “The Outsider”. Although his later books were deemed subpar, Wilson continued to write until the death at age 82.

Driven by dissatisfaction, Wilson took the risk of turning his imagination to reality instead of an escape. But to paraphrase American statesman Colin Powell, it takes sweat and effort to create a dream into reality. Taking a risk is not enough, determination and hard work should also be added in the equation.

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