You’ve Got To Spread Your Wings If You Really Want To Fly

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“You’ve got to spread your wings if you really want to fly.
-Take risks
-Try new things
-Go places you haven’t gone
-Be willing to not know
-Be OK with making mistakes

…and you will go further than you could have ever dreamed possible.”

A quote by bestseller author Caroline Myss goes, “Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.” Feelings of trepidations are overwhelming when you decide to spread your wings and abandon your comfort zone, but psychology says that it’s mentally and psychologically beneficial!

One perfect example is travelling – not just travelling per se but living in another country. For one thing, finding your way in an unfamiliar place hones your navigation skills, stimulating the thinking process. Making decisions like where to stay or where to eat opens up neuro pathways, which would otherwise remain inactive if you had chosen to remain in the same place.

Travelling also enhances creativity, as the new situation allows the mind to roam and widen its perspective. Limited perceptions of the world inhibit your imagination, making your thoughts constricted. As several studies suggest, thinking “limitedly” also produces limited results.

Being away from the familiar may be stressful and scary but they’re part of training you how to handle them. Travelling helps you overcome your shyness as it’s often necessary to talk to strangers. On the bright side, you’ll gain friends that can make your trip even more memorable! Nevertheless, it takes to be conscientious on important details and trusting your intuition.

Spreading your wings is undoubtedly a life-changing move that will teach you something no one ever could. As suggested in the quote above, it won’t be an easy ride but at least you’ll be making progress.

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